Project support

Student Engagement Network (SEN)

The SEN is aimed at connecting students across the Penn State system with student engagement opportunities and providing a vision for the institution about what student engagement looks like at Penn State. This is a joint effort between Undergraduate Education, Student Affairs, and Outreach and Online Education, and comes out of work done by Penn State’s Council on Engaged Scholarship. A few major initiatives of the SEN include a student grant program to help students fund their student engagement experiences and a Faculty Academy, to help advance the knowledge of student engagement scholarship.

Institute for Research Design in Librarianship (IRDL)

IRDL is a IMLS grant funded workshop aimed at supporting new librarians in developing the skills they need to complete a research project they design and build a network of research collaborators and colleagues in the process. Scholars submit an application and if selected, travel to Loyola Marymont University for a one-week intensive workshop. The first phase of this project was conceptually supported by IRDL, as Fargo was a member of the 2019 cohort. More information on the 2019 cohort can be found on IRDL’s blog.

University Libraries

The mission of the University Libraries is to “inspire intellectual discovery and learning” and mapping the student engagement journey project hopes to not only inspire learning, but also provide insight on how the Libraries can continue to support the work of student engagement.