Project Overview

Mapping the student engagement journey is an exploratory, qualitative multi-year research project aimed at discovering how students at Penn State University navigate the student engagement landscape. While there is not one ideal journey for student engagement experiences, we are still discovering the many ways our students discover, choose, and experience these opportunities. In addition, the role of the library in the student engagement journey is not clearly understood. By mapping the student journeys and better understanding the various paths and skills learned along the way, Penn State and the Penn State Libraries can be more flexible and adaptable to ensure student success.

Phase 1, 2019-2020

Research objectives & questions

Research objective 1: To explore the experiences and perceptions of student engagement opportunities completed by University Park undergraduates.

  1. Research question: How do undergraduate students discover student engagement opportunities at Penn State?
  2. Research question: Why do students choose particular student engagement experiences?
  3. Research question: Are student engagement opportunities linked? Do their experiences build off one another or are they treated as individual, non-linked experiences?

Research objective 2: To explore the relationship between student engagement experiences and how the library is involved within individual student journeys.

  1. Research question: How do library services and support enhance student engagement experiences?