Kylie’s Journey with Mapping the student engagement journey!

As our spring semester has come to an end, I have been working with Hailley and Ashley to wrap up interviews and begin the analysis process for Phase 2 of Mapping the Student Engagement Journey!

Throughout most of the past semester and academic year, I worked on familiarizing myself with the research process and sharpening my interview skills. I have learned more about the PSU Library administration, as well as how the libraries can support students as both a resource and a space. I have learned a tremendous amount of information about student engagement, the library’s role in student engagement, and how different students can create their own unique journeys all at the same school.

As a University Park student, it has been a great learning experience to talk to students of all different campuses and to hear how each Commonwealth Campus is unique and fosters unique experiences, but also how all campuses are connected.

At this point in time, I have completed 5 interviews and observed 5 of Ashley’s interviews. I enjoy learning about each student as an individual and have gained some great interview skills in the process. I have also begun transcribing and sorting through the interviews, which has revealed some interesting trends already!

The three of us recently presented some of our research findings as well as our research process to some of the Penn State University Libraries’ administration and fellow researchers who focus on engagement. It was great to learn about other academia in the field, what PSU is doing to enhace enagement across the Commonwealth, and also to be able to share a bit about what we are working on!

Additionally, Ashley, Hailley and I have started to formulate our codebook in order to begin the analysis process and hope to start coding in the next week.

I am excited to take a deep dive into our findings!

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