How is Spring semester Over? Project Updates from Hailley

Today marks the final day of spring semester classes at Penn State. We’ve successfully made it through an entire academic year in the pandemic! I honestly don’t know where the time went.

I’m finally getting back on this blog to provide some project updates. The last time you heard from us, we were introducing our two new research assistants, Kylie & Ashley. Both have done a great job of learning more about the project, understanding research in LIS, working on their interview skills, and currently, are deep in interviewing students from our Commonwealth campuses. I won’t say much because both of them will be sharing more about their spring semesters on this project in a post in the next couple of weeks.

Our IRB got approved in late January and we slowly opened up recruitment in February. It took a bit to get connected with potential students, but currently we have conducted 9 interviews with students from 8 different Penn State campuses. My fingers are crossed for a few more interviews to happen during finals next week. The team is meeting next Friday to decide on our next steps, including how much we will want to try to secure interviews over the summer. We’re not sure what student’s availability and interest will be, especially after a long pandemic year.

Beyond the current phase of research, I’m still working on a few manuscripts from Phase 1, and Ashley, Kylie, and I will have at least one presentation opportunity in late May. Part of our planning meeting next week will also be exploring what manuscripts can come from our research so far. I keep telling myself this will be a summer of writing (and I sure hope that comes true).

I think that wraps up the big updates from this spring. More from the team in the upcoming weeks. We are excited to start sharing some of our results from Phase 2!

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Head of Education & Outreach Services at Northern Kentucky University. When she's not in the library, Hailley is an avid oatmeal connoisseur, baseball scorekeeper, bike rider, embroidery queen, and reader of memoirs. Check her out on Twitter @hailthefargoats.

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