Another New Member on the Team!

Hi everybody! My name is Ashley Hibbs and I am the second Undergraduate Research Assistant working on the Mapping the Student Engagement project with Hailley! My co-research assistant and I are excited to start Phase 2 of this project and to share our findings with you all. Currently, I am a senior Biobehavioral Health student at University Park. Although this has been quite an interesting year, having the opportunity to explore the role of engagement in student lives is exciting, as I know I’ve been greatly impacted by it. 

My Journey at Penn State

I did have quite the journey at Penn State from start to finish. Throughout high school, I always was engaged with the various clubs and activities provided at my high school. I always knew being involved was something I valued and hearing about the many opportunities at Penn State definitely influenced my decision to attend the university. I started my time at Penn State Abington, one of our Commonwealth campuses and obtained a leadership position through a THON committee. Also, I helped implement a health humanities festival, and attended my first Alternative Spring Break. Sophomore year, I was a peer adviser, developed the Health Humanities Club, was a lion lead for Alternative Spring Break, and began attending various workshops to widen my leadership capabilities. My junior year, I transferred to University Park and got involved with being a research assistant, a few organizations, and volunteering. Finally, this year, I am the VP of an organization, work as a resident assistant, and am involved as a member in other organizations.Not forgetting the great opportunity to partake in this incredibly interesting research project 🙂 Each of these opportunities played an immense role in discovering my values and I could not imagine my experience in the last four years being any different. 

What’s Next?

Through this project, I can’t wait to study about an incredibly important aspect of my college career. Being able to apply my various experiences will help me give a unique insight into our findings. I can’t wait to be able to apply these skills I learned over the years to such an important task. With our findings, I hope we will be able to showcase the value within engagement opportunities in helping define one’s character in college (whether that be good or bad). This research is incredibly important for all future Penn Staters to have the full college experience with student engagement as an influencing factor. I look forward to moving forward in this process with Hailley and Kylie and discover more about what it means to be a Penn Stater. We Are!

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