Seeking Undergraduate Research Assistants

We’re entering week four of the fall semester. Our phase two of the project is slowly coming together. I finally was able to post the two undergraduate research positions! I’m excited to find two excited students who are invested in student engagement and want some undergraduate research experience. I’m accepting applications from any of our Penn State campuses, since all the work will be remote. Ideally, the plan would be to work with them this year and the following academic year (2021-22). The upcoming year will be focusing on completing phase 2 of this research and learning more about the student engagement journeys of students at our Commonwealth campuses. In their second year, I hope to help support them in conducting student engagement related research they are interested in. Stay tuned!

In other project news, I’m continuing to work through the appropriate IRB documentation and finishing off some manuscript drafts from Phase 1 of the project. The past couple of weeks have been more frantic, but I’ve been finding mornings to be a good time to sit down and write. Again, in a perfect world, I would have a manuscript accepted by the end of the year. We will see!

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Head of Education & Outreach Services at Northern Kentucky University. When she's not in the library, Hailley is an avid oatmeal connoisseur, baseball scorekeeper, bike rider, embroidery queen, and reader of memoirs. Check her out on Twitter @hailthefargoats.

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