Welcome & Introduction

To kick off my year-long project, I made a short video introduction. You can learn more about what I’ll be doing and who has supported this project so far. Enjoy!

Mapping the Student Engagement Journey Project Overview from Hailley Fargo on Vimeo.


Hello. My name is Hailley Fargo. I’m the Student Engagement Librarian and this year, I am a Faculty Fellow in the Student Engagement Network Faculty Academy. This video, as well as the website this video is posted on, are all here to introduce you to my year-long research project, Mapping the Student Engagement Journey.

At Penn State, we’ve put a lot of time, and thought, and effort into student engagement opportunities. And we do this because we believe these opportunities are going to help our students figure out what motives them and gives them the skills they need to succeed, now and in their future endeavors. My project will be conducting in-depth interviews with students and asking them to visualize their student engagement journey. I’m curious about how our students discover these opportunities, what motivates them to participate, and who helps them along the way. Additionally, from a libraries point of view, I’m really curious about how students think about finding and creating new information and knowledge and the ways in which libraries support these different opportunities in a variety of ways. I’ll be using this website to update you on my progress and what we discover.

I’d also like to spend a minute thanking many supporters of this project. I’m really thankful for the Student Engagement Network and their financial support of the project. Their funds will be used to support incentives for students who participate in my in-depth interviews and they will also be used to hire an undergraduate student research assistant. This student will have a meta-student engagement experience and will help conduct interviews, code data, and present on our work.

I will say this project has been conceptually supported by the Institute for Research Design in Librarianship, IRDL. IRDL is a program that is sponsored and funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grant. And it supports, the point of the program, is to give up and coming librarians, like myself, an opportunity to complete a research project in a research community of practice and a network of colleagues who are supporting this work. So I actually proposed this original project around mapping the student engagement journey back in January 2019 and then this past June, I had the opportunity to spend a week at Loyola Marymont University, really learning about research techniques, learning from experts, and revising the project that I’ll be conducting this upcoming year. And I really feel that this project is so much stronger due to the workshop and the dedicated time to spend thinking about this project. I’d really like to thank Marie, Kris, Lili, and Greg, along with the other cohort of colleagues that spent the week with me at Loyola Marymont who are also working on really interesting projects for the 2019-2020 year at institutions across the United States. And finally, I’d really like to thank the University Libraries for their support of this research project. For my time being gone at IRDL and then the work I’ll be completing this year. As a librarian on the tenure track, it’s really great to have such great support from my employer to be able to do this exciting work. So stay tuned for more updates and learn more about what my project will entail.

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Head of Education & Outreach Services at Northern Kentucky University. When she's not in the library, Hailley is an avid oatmeal connoisseur, baseball scorekeeper, bike rider, embroidery queen, and reader of memoirs. Check her out on Twitter @hailthefargoats.

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